O BAG Long Yellow Rope Handles


Yellow rope Handles

fits all O Bag

Size: 75,50cm


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Accessories bag O BAG


Available in a dizzyingly vast range of O bag shell colours, handles in different lengths and materials and optional accessories such as zip-up inserts and trims in faux fur, cotton and wool you may never see two O bags exactly alike!

The O bag classic body is made from a textured material called EVA polymer (ethylene vinyl acetate), which is waterproof, lightweight and durable. This makes for a soft and flexible body, while adding strength.

O bag customers have complete freedom to express themselves sartorially and strive to provide variety at an accessible price. Everyone can accessorise their bags in a distinctive and constantly changing way.The perfect marriage of form and function of O bag explains its cult following in Italy where it originated and around the world.





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