Ames Bags Ostrako Monogram


Undoubtedly the belt bag is the most fashionable handbags, suggested by all fashion bloggers and there is a reason for this: they are comfortable and attract attention. Designer Lia Mantzurou proposes this bag with the monogram of the “Ames” brand for casual chic appearances in the city.

DIMENSIONS: 30 x 16 x 15

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Ames Bags Ames Bags Ostrako Monogram

The Ames are designed by Lia Mantorou, are manufactured in Greece with Greek fabrics. Are suitable for everyday needs but also for your evening out

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Handmade Ames The Bags

Ames The Bags are handmade and have a special style, inspired by geometric and ancient Greek patterns. They match perfectly with every woman's style, either it is classic or modern. Handmade Ames The Bags come out in various sizes and they are ideal for daily life needs or for a night out. They are made in Greece with quality material and fabrics. Shop your favorite Ames The Bags online from our eshop and we will deliver it to your address worldwide. Designer: Lia Manjorou