When you sign up with the artist’s online store, you must enter the following registration details:

Name, Surname, email, Phone, Address, City, ZIP, Country, Region / Region

and Security Code.

If the purchase is not made by a private individual but by a company and you want to receive the products with a Sales Invoice, the company name, VAT registration number, tax code is also required. and Profession. Without these items, it is not possible to process the order from the online store and are registered for use to serve your order.

The Online Store only collects the personal data of Customers who have registered an order at the online store or who have been registered through the account creation process as outlined above.

The collection of the above personal data is also necessary in order for Customers to enjoy special privileges and to be able to complete the transactions through the e-shop. As such, it would be possible to account for the sending of products to the Customer’s premises, the possibility for the Customer to see the history of his orders, to have a list of different addresses, etc.

Artistishop is not intended to distribute the data of any Customer for marketing purposes without the prior consent of the Customer. The personal data of Users can be used to create personal content, services and advertising related to our e-shop services.

The artistishop online store ( informs you that whenever you visit or post orders, use some information that is relevant to your Personal Data. The process for processing and registering this information is automatically made by the e-shop, has been previously notified to the Competent Authority and for this information the artistishop has been designated as the Processing Manager. The data concerning your personal data, its management and its protection are subject to the relevant provisions of Greek Law (Law 2472/1997, Codes 207/1998 and 79/2000 and Article 8 of Law 2819 / 2000) and European law (Directives 95/46 / EC and 97/66 / EC).

This is considered to be a Personal Data Protection Agreement that covers the conditions for the collection and management of your personal information when using the services of artistishop and through the website The wording of these terms has taken into account, on the one hand, the rapid development and evolution of technology and in particular of the Internet, on the other hand the relevant legal framework mentioned here, but not in full development. Artistishop reserves the right to change the present Privacy Policy after first informing it through and always within the existing or future legal framework.

Given the nature and volume of the Internet, under any circumstances, the case of negligence not excluded, this agreement agrees that the artist bears no responsibility for any kind of damage you suffer by using www pages, services, options and contents of www whose use you make on your own initiative knowing these terms. If you do not agree with the terms of the terms of this Privacy Policy, you are not required to use the services of artistishop.

The purpose of collecting and automating the processing of Personal Data is to control, improve and adapt to preferences and choices about products and services and to send by electronic or traditional means all the necessary information and documents related to its products and services artistishop.

The Customer has the right at any time, after completing his registration at the artistishop online store, to display, correct or even delete his account, as well as to object to the processing of the data concerning him / her. The Customer may withdraw his / her consent at any time by sending his request in writing to the artistishop’s physical address at the Luis Marc Shopping Center or by e-mail to:

Artistishop warrants that the Personal Data will remain confidential, but artistishop may disclose Personal Data to relevant Public Authorities or other information accessed through its systems, provided this is dictated by any applicable and enforceable legal provision.

The Customer guarantees and bears responsibility for the accuracy, truthfulness, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data that he / she notifies when registering on the web site of the artistishop,

The users of the website have the opportunity, if they wish, to subscribe to the Shop Newsletter so that they have direct and valid information regarding new products and services, offers, user guides, etc. by sending informational – promotional messages to their email or postal address. Artistishop commits not to misuse this service. Users are given the option of stopping receiving ad messages or even deleting them from the Newsletter list.

The artistishop, like most internet sites, uses cookies to access specific information when the user browses the e-shop pages with the help of one of the standard web browsers. With the use of cookies, artistishop has the potential to provide the user with important services such as the status of his orders, storage of products in the shopping cart or his wish list, personal settings, etc. Cookies are very small files that are registered in the storage of the user’s PC while he is browsing the site’s pages.

If the User wishes to choose, through the settings of his web browser, to block new cookies or to ask each time a new cookie tries to be installed in the storage unit. With this option, the User will not be able to use certain e-shop services. Artistishop assures that cookies are not logged and data related to sensitive personal data is not transferred. The only item that is retained is a password that connects the User to the online store so that it can be identified in a future visit.

Whenever the User submits an online query, artistishop uses all the information that he provides only to answer the question. The information provided by requests and queries via e-mail is treated as confidential. They will only be transferred to the Lawful Competent Authorities if they so request legally, or if we consider that the content affects the company or its representatives. In this case, it is necessary to transfer the content to the Competent Authority

Principles for the company to protect its rights, property, personal security of its representatives and other Users of the artistishop. Also to protect the company from the bad and unauthorized use of

Artistishop maintains web-links to other sites. Artistishop is not responsible in any way for the Terms of Use and the use of the Personal Data that each site follows. The User has the obligation to be informed and accept or not the Privacy Terms of these sites.