O Bag and Greek Women

O Bag bags are made from the original EVA material.
O Bag bags are made from the original EVA material.
O Bag bags come from Italy and came to make noise! Since 2014 they have begun their appearance in Greece and since then … they have become our new worship! The fact that an O Bag can be transformed according to your mood is what made us look for it! Made from the original material, EVA, you can bring it with you either on the beach or for a walk in the city! With a wide variety of handles, furs, pockets and accessories, it gives the feel of a canvas that you can draw your mood accordingly! There is also a wide range of colors and sizes so you can find the bag that suits you best.

Where did O Bag begin?

O Bag bags can be adjusted to your style and mood!
O Bag bags can be adjusted to your style and mood!
O Bag has its headquarters in Padua, Italy. It entered the international fashion design area in 2009, creating products with innovative materials and the stamp Made in Italy. The company’s first appearance at the 2010 Milan Exhibition was key to its evolution and success. Other exhibitions around the world followed, such as in Paris, Berlin, Las Vegas, Tokyo and Sydney. The company has successfully presented and styled its products and gained prestige in the fashion and business world.
Michele Zanella, the president of O Bag company.
Michele Zanella, the president of O Bag company.
The company with the brand O Bag has a presence in more than 40 countries, with a dynamic but sensitive approach to the needs of the public. According to Michele Zanella, General Manager of the company, the company has a vision by the end of 2018 to reach 500 Bag O Bag stores, expanding their presence in China, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. In addition, the company’s immediate plans are to invest in its logistics, e-commerce, development of a communication strategy and optimal management of social networks. In this way they will be able to build a better experience for the customer anywhere in the world.
O BAG White With Natural Leather Handle
O BAG White With Natural Leather Handle
Made of light material with a wide variety of shapes and sizes as well as accessories, you will not know who to choose! They are easy to use, easy to adjust, have styles and many colors, keeping their minimal styles. The Italian signature handbags could not be but another jewel for every woman! Especially when you can modify it and decorate it according to your mood!
Ο BAG Blue Iris With Long Rope Natural
Ο BAG Blue Iris With Long Rope Natural
At Artisti Fashion Room we take care to find your own O Bag by choosing from a wide range of handbags and accessories! Looking for your own basic “canvas”, you will have difficulty choosing between the variety of colors and sizes available at our e-shop especially for you! Having as our compass the preferences of Greek women and international fashion trends, we make sure that we find the best collections of fashion products and accessories and provide them at the best prices. Our goal is to satisfy your thirst for elegance, style and the ability to add your own personal signature to every look. Check today our e-shop page with O Bag bag collection and benefit from discounts to get your own Italian “jewel”!






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