The possible ways of payment are

1. Repayment In this case you will be charged € 2.00 + VAT ( valid in Greece only)

2. Deposit in a bank account

(Bank accounts)

Alpha bank : GR8001401910191002002006233

Eurobank : GR840260363000054020 0616271

National Bank of Greece  : 40140620861

Pireaus Bank : GR5301727080005708082526065

After the deposit please send us the deposit by e-mail at or by fax at 227 302 7588

3. Using your credit card, you can pay via
credit, debit and prepaid cards
Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express

4. Cash On Advance (only for orders in Greece)

with an extra cost of 2. Not applicable for orders above 120.


Cost of transportation

The cost of transport is as follows:

Orders up to € 59 are charged for € 3.00 for shipping. valid in Greece

Orders of over € 59 come with FREE transportation for Greece.

Orders abroad have different transport fees depending on the destination.

most of them cost 15-25 euro with Dhl

free worldwide shipping orders > 200 e ( depends the country )

Refunds not accepted / prices are for 1 kilo

if more you will be charged extra