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Mallory Broadway Wrap Dress Black

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Σχεδιασμένο σε σατέν floral print, αυτό το υπέροχο φόρεμα διαθέτει μακρύ μανίκι, ντεκολτέ, ελαστική μέσης και βολάν που περιγράφει το τελείωμα


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Mallory the Label is an established clothing brand based in Athens, Greece. It was inspired by 2 bff’s who wanted to share their passion for fashion and create fun, original and fashionable garments. Our goal is to provide the best shopping experience for our customers.

Mallory is a ready to wear fashion brand creating a world of total outfits, stand out looks that make you feel confident, sexy and strong. Provides High street fashion with an effortless range of styles for all occasions, from casual daywear to cocktail evening looks or awesome beach style. The clean lines and unconventional cuts compliment every female figure proving that comfort and style can be compatible.

What you really want to wear? This is the starting point for designing every single piece of all our collections. The design process starts with a cup of coffee and our fav music while imagining our dream cloths. So we bust out our creativity, pencils, scissors and get started. Once complete, every piece is sent directly to our cyber world so as one day it can find a new home.

Mallory the label attracts sexy modernity for women of all ages who just ooze cool…
Are you Mallory enough??? Then come and join our gang…

Designed by an everyday girll for an everyday girl.

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